This week is a shortened analysis as I focus on a person who has never set foot on a cricket field during a game and is rarely seen but is a person no team can do without.

The person concerned made his debut in 1985 at Milnrow Cricket Club as a 20 year old and has been active ever since, coming to Littleborough in 1998 and apart from a season at Heywood has been there ever since.

He takes his work very seriously and it has developed into a 365 day a year effort, with him mostly archiving during the winter. Has been extremely lucky to have seen some great players both amateur and professional and has witnessed some fantastic performances with both bat and ball.

The greatest innings he witnessed was Worrin Williams 201* against Oldham, but CP is always a pleasure to watch, Also Stuart Law at Littleborough and Geoff Foley at Milnrow was also a brilliant batsmen. Andy Smith Butler and Chris Schofield were enjoyable to watch when bowling, and the opposing batsman trying to play them was also interesting. But there are so many talented cricketers at Littleborough and around the league.

He really loves being at Littleborough and is lucky to have met so many great people at Harehill and around the leagues. His only regrets are he misses the  CLL clubs we no longer visit as he has lost touch with so many friends. The biggest regret being his old club Milnrow leaving the Lancashire League, it is a situation that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. It is sad that we won’t play at the beautiful Ladyhouse ground again. The ground that he loves after Hare Hill of course.

The three players who he rates highly and thinks they will be fantastic and hopefully successful cricketers are Zac Perren, Louis Russell, and Ben Williamson and they will hopefully be a part of an extremely successful Littleborough side in the not to distant future.

As he too quickly approaches his 55th birthday and his 35th season involved in this great game, he hopes everyone stays safe and when it is safe please support the best cricket club in Lancashire and help Littleborough CC to flourish.