Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

As far as I can remember it was against Walsden away my main memories were that I had been promoted to the first team as a batsman and a good fielder being a young lad.

The captain who I think was Roger Shackleton told me I would be No.11 on making my debut innings Jack Dyson (ex Man City and to be L.C.C. player) was the bowler 2 outswingers at me left then a nice drive for a single, which Brian Tattersall at the other end turned down, as it was the last ball of the over. First ball next over Tatts square cut straight to first slips hands, I thought I could have done that!!

Your favourite game and why?

Would probably be against Rochdale at home mainly because the first 5 batters were all victims to MadStan behind the sticks.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Has to be Walsden because all the banter going on around the ground especially from Conner corner.

The best professional played against?

There are numerous players but Reg Scarlet comes to mind also Junior Williams at Middleton ( he landed a full toss on my foot once I felt it for a month after).

The best amateurs played against?

Plenty to choose from probably top of the pile David Schofield and Jack Hunter, Kevin Powers and Stuart Wales also took some getting rid of.

Favourite on the field memories?

Whilst keeping wicket standing up to Rohan Kahni.

Also telling Chester Watson at Royton that if he bowled another bouncer at Dave Jenkins, who was our number 11 that I would run myself out, the look on Chester’s face was great, because he had already got 9 wickets and he wasn’t going to get all ten if he didn’t behave.

How about off the field?

Bill Simpson and Myself doing “The Discos” after matches occasionally falling off our chairs and kicking the decks over when we had real celebration do’s.

Oh and getting barred from the Hare and Hounds after a wash out afternoon with some of the 2nd team lads.