Agenda Item 7

Mark Whiteley – Secretary’s Closing Remarks

 It is my duty to draw the virtual Members General Meeting commenced on the 22nd February 2021 to a close.

Before moving on to the business of this meeting I am sure you will join me in passing on our thoughts and condolences to the families of Cedric Alfrey (a current Trustee), John White & Ezra Moseley. Three men who gave so much to our club and will be greatly missed.

I would like to thank all our members who engaged in this process (which is familiar to some more than others!) as the Government lockdown, understandably interfered with our Annual General Meeting. A cold Monday evening in January is a social gathering that we all look forward to and break up the winter months and commence the countdown to the cricket season.

Our constitution requires at least 80 members voting of which 75% have to be in favour of any proposals made. I can advise that 93 members registered their votes via our website with all supporting items 3,4 & 5, item 6 received 92 votes & 1 abstention.

Thank you to Jane Hetherington who, quite frankly, has enabled this virtual meeting to take place as well as ensure that members can interact with our website and register their votes.

Thank you to our Treasurer Debbie Hernon for ensuring the delivery of our 2020 Accounts in time for the usual AGM date along with our Accountants NJ Grindrod & Co. I am sure that you will appreciate the difficulty of the circumstances in which they have had to put this information together.

The discussions with the Department for Education, Rochdale Council & Star Academy has started to gather pace over the last week and therefore despite approval to defer the 2021 AGM until 2022 the feeling of the management committee and Trustees is that we should hold the 2021 AGM just as soon as it is safe to do so. This will allow us to (re)elect officers, in particular Trustees who will be required to sign legal documentation if required.

I would like to thank John Kay, our Honorary Solicitor who has invested significant amount of his time to ensure our documentation is in order as well as insightful thoughts regarding our strategy in discussions with the DFE, thank you John.

Finally and by no means least I would like to thank our chairman Neil Barnes for arranging this virtual meeting as well as the presentation of the “school” proposal that has informed our members of developments to date. As can be seen from the voting all of us as members can see the potential of having a secondary school as our neighbour. Neil does have a “day job” as a public servant and the last twelve months have probably been the most difficult in his professional life, so to continue to devote so much to LC&SC during these times is a huge complement to our club and also to Neil’s professionalism.

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon

Mark Whiteley

Honorary Secretary