Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

My debut was in Joel Garner’s last year 1978. Radcliffe at home and we won the league if we won the match. They had Quereshi as pro and two Aussies called Curry and Hunter. I went in at no. 8 (I think) and we needed 30. The two Aussies were at silly mid-off and silly mid-on chirping in my ear. Peter Davey was bowling, and he had a yard. He bowled short at me and I saw the line and turned away and let the ball hit me in the back. No way I was popping a catch to the Aussies. They gave me loads of stick. Think I got out when we needed 6 to win and Alan Bridge came in to hit the winning runs.

Your favourite game and why?

Tough one but Challenge Trophy Final at home against Heywood. Drizzle all morning which stopped at 12. Everyone was on the ground when we tossed up and the toss was vital. Heywood won toss and stuck us in and they all celebrated like they had already won the game. They had Stephen John as pro, left arm quick who swung it round corners plus Will Purser and other quicks as well.

We scored 250 and bowled them out for 120. Alex Collins hit Chris Kaye into Higgins first ball of his spell. Zimmy and Schoey smashed them to all parts.

Gary Hulme and Fordy battled in first ten overs and set the platform for the win. Alex Collins was promoted to 3 in front of Zimmy and Schoey who were held back as a safeguard.

Brilliant win and fantastic day. The semi win was a very close second at Haslingden. My two nephews played massive parts in the victory which never seemed likely.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Favourite ground was Stockport a long-time ago when it was an absolute road. The coin made a fantastic noise as it hit the floor. More important their attack was a military medium half volley fest. Which is nice.

The best professional played against?

Take your pick: Bruce Edgar, Bruce Roberts, Colin Croft, Ezra Moseley, Franklyn Stephenson, Geoff Lawson, Rohan Kanhai, Manoj Prabakar, Sherwin Campbell, Kelvin Williams, Stephen Jefferies, Carl Hooper, Larry Gomes, Dave Schofield, Clinton Perren, Asif Mujtaba.

I know I have missed loads sorry.

The best amateurs played against?

Take your pick:

Ian Tansley, Bob Cooke, Nick Speak, Ian Hayward,Robin Hanley, Peter Wilcock, John Henderson, Mo Bux, Neil Avery, Jack Simpson, Steve Dearden, John Punchard, Tony Pickersgill, Mark Chadwick , Basil Abraham’s , Kevan Howard, Mike Arnold , John Whitehead, Russell Davies , Andy Wild, Tim Orrell, Lee Wolstenholme, Mike Smethurst, Bobby Cross, Simon Brierley, Richard Eastwood, Stephen Bailey, Mark Hooson, Chris Barker.

Better stop now sorry.

Favourite on the field memories?

Scoring 134 at Norden against Asif Mujtaba. Dave Schofield watched it and never ever stopped telling me how good it was.

How about off the field?

The party atmosphere at Littleborough will never ever be beaten it was awesome. We had a great time socialising which is what the game is all about. Having a beer with your opponents is what it is all about.

Young cricketers take this bit in.