Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

It was actually my second game for the first team but it was Gary Sobers last ever competitive game! What an honour…. something I have an actual picture of as we came off the field and I will never forget or stop mentioning to anyone who is interested in cricket!

Your favourite game and why?

It has to be the last game of the season when Mike Whitney was the pro and we won the league by virtue of getting a 5 point win, taking us clear of the two clubs above us who both had 3 point wins. To get that we had to get the last wicket in the last over and Ray Hill our captain got the calculation on ends wrong that meant I had to bowl the last over rather than Whit. They were hanging in to try and end the innings 9 down – but third ball of the over I bowled a short ball into the batsman’s body which he fended off to Ray at short leg who took the catch. We came off the field to the news that the other teams had only got 3 point wins and so we won the league two hours or so later when we knocked off the runs. A great day and I was delighted for Whit who has been told he would be released by the club earlier in the season. What a great attitude and response! Fantastic match and great times (1993).

The best professional played against?

So many – but Alvin Kallicharran, given his test record – (remembered as I had him LBW!) also facing Carl Rackerman and Henry Lawson two of the fastest bowlers in the world at the time without helmet, arm guards, chest guards etc Should also mention facing Joel Garner in our own nets – scary!

The best amateurs played against?

John Abrahams in the early days at Milnrow, Mark Chadwick, Jon Punchard, Stuart Wales amongst the ones I can remember!

Best amateurs played with?

Chris Dearden without a shadow or a doubt ! Top player and top man

Favourite on the field memories?

Andy Roberts spell in the wood cup final on the Monday night v Royton. Andy Roberts despair at watching Oscar bowl!, Mike Whitney confronting the guy from Ashton who was a policeman (Lees?)… Mike Whitney run in with Jack Hunter!! Catching balls dropping off the bat at silly mid off – when Joel Garner bowled, as batsmen tried to fend him off. Watching all my mates when they got into the first team and did well

How about off the field?

The only time I saw Andy Roberts smile – giving an ace to someone playing chase the ace during a rain break. The evenings in the bar after we had won at home on glorious sunny days and evenings -especially when I had decided to come dressed in something bizarre that Alan Whiteley couldn’t get over (Dungarees with no shirt was one I recall!) – so many good times and a recollection of endless sunshine and great matches …