Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

My debut was at Oldham cricket club on a sunny but cold day, got a couple of wickets.  I remember batting second and whilst hugging the heater in the changing room, told Stuey Law to get the runs quick. Phil Deakin possibly had me penciled in for the second team the following week. I had never been so cold.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Middleton as I thought it was always a fair pitch for both bat and ball. My favourite game was the Wood cup final as we dominated the whole game so I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the day and then the night and next day.

The best professional played against?

Peter Sleep, I got him out at Littleborough and that year he told me as he walked off I wouldn’t get him again, pretty sure I didn’t. Loved his on field competitiveness and loved having a couple of “frothys” with him after the game. Lots of good pros that year though.

The best amateurs played against?

There were a few with different traits, Punchard annoyed me but he could play. Michael Ramsbottom was a good player, and some of the Werneth and Milnrow clubs had some good players too. Lots of competitive amateurs at all clubs.

Favourite on the field memories?

Getting my hundredth wicket against Crompton at Littleborough, getting 9 wickets at Werneth on a very quick pitch. I think the headline in the paper read “Warden and Miskella destroy Werneth” according to Brendon, very funny! Some very good games against Milnrow led by Dave Norris – very tough on field battles.

How about off the field?

Littleborough disco nights were memorable, certainly the Wood cup final night when Peter Skuse from Walsden joined for a huge night and day. Had some really good night’s with the Milnrow boys, too many to mention. I played hard on and off the field and loved every minute of my time at Littleborough… not only the players but all the supporters,  what a fantastic group of people.

I will return one day to relive some of those wonderful memories.