Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

Oldham away. Taking my first ever wicket in the 1XI team bowler Collins caught Collins (bro).

Your favourite away ground and why?

Rochdale. Wicket has always been s*!@ and not much of an atmosphere on the pitch but great for bowling. Always had competitive and fun rivalries with Rochdale. Great bunch of lads. Think in the CLL if I didn’t play for Lboro it would have been Rochdale!

The best professional played against?

Has to be Norden pro Asif Mustjaba. Played against lots of quality pros but Asif was the pro that most of the team was scared of getting out from and you knew he would get runs if you didn’t get him early! He was always in the game. Bowled 25 overs (until they change the rule) then opened or batted 3 and was at the crease a lot. Great challenge as a young bowler to try and get a batter of his quality out. Learnt a lot playing against him.

The best amateurs played against?

Luke Proctor before he became a pro. Tom Hardman was another quality allrounder. Stevie Cheetham great bowler. Will Percer another great player. Barker brothers.

Favourite on the field memories?

Playing with some legend pros like Richie Richardson and Andre Adams. I remember Adams playing against Norden. I remember watching him bowl at Mujtaba and he completely took the p@*! out of him. A few steps to the crease and the ball whizzed past the batter and then down to the keeper in an instant. He finally got him out and no one could touch him. When he went into bat, he smashed it everywhere. Great pro to watch.

How about off the field?

Growing up playing in the 1XI team you couldn’t beat the social in the bar after a game! The best memory was the end of the season winning the challenge trophy and Miskella had written a song called ‘10 weeks of summer’ sung to the tune ‘12 days of Christmas’. We sung that song all night and at the end of season trip. Great memories. My most successful season at Littleborough with the best team I played with.

LCC was a great club growing up. Had some great legends of the game to learn from especially Dave Schofield. Gave me lots of advice off the field and great stories of when he was playing. True legend of the club and inspiring to me. Made some great mates, played some tough and enjoyable cricket and belonged to a proper cricket family for many years. Will always love LCC!!