Send my regards to the Littleborough crew.



Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

I can’t quite remember how many runs I got but it was more than Clinton Perren on his debut which is all that matters.

Your favourite game and why?

Last game of the year vs Ashton away. Nothing to do with my personal achievements but was amazing sitting in the dressing room with the guys getting ball by ball updates of another game which needed to go our way in order to win the title.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Apart from Littleborough I really liked playing at Middleton.

The best professional played against?

Clinton Perren (I have heard he is still playing over there at the age of 72).

The best amateurs played against?

Marcus North

Favourite on the field memories?

Standing at first slip with Rainy (Stuart Rain) to the left of me and Deaks (Phil Deakin) to the right. So much dribble came from that area.

How about off the field?

Any night that involved heading to the pub with Brendan Miskella and Dave Thewlis.