The ECB actively encourages clubs to use the Code of Conduct for Members and Guests as a starting point for producing an additional Children’s Code of Conduct.

NSPCC research shows when children are empowered to create rules for themselves these rules are usually far more greatly respected, and often stricter, than those that adults responsible for supervising the groups might impose.

Children can feel empowered by the ability to voice their own opinion about what they feel is acceptable behaviour.

Coaches and the Club Welfare Officer should be facilitators for this additional code of conduct.

Club Welfare Officers are encouraged to work with coaches, junior team manager, and children (preferably from a wide cross section of age and experience), to design something everyone signs up to.

Possible topics to discuss with children are:

  • Why do they come to the club and what do they want to get from attending – for example, to have fun, to learn how to play, to take part in matches, to be with their friends, to keep fit.
  • How do they want to treat, and be treated, by adults – for example, officials, adult members of the club and spectators.
  • How do they want to treat, and be treated, by other children at the club
  • How do they want to be able to raise any concerns they have
  • What rules, or limits, do they think there should be
  • How do they think any breaches of the code of conduct should be dealt with

It is important clubs draw attention to their codes of conduct and place them on all relevant notice boards in dressing room and club area.