Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

Debut at 11 finished at 46 , 35 years and played a game in every one of them.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Middleton for pitch , Milnrow , Walsden and Royton for atmosphere.

The best professional played against?

Bat: Hooper. Bowler: Curtly Ambrose/Joel Garner.

The best professional played with?

Ezra Moseley

The best amateurs played against?

So many, Darren Shadford, Ian Tansley , Gary Crossley , Steve Cheetham , Peter Wilcox, Punchy , Don Errock always did well against us , Rocca all great performances I witnessed Kev Howard brave as a bear.

The best amateurs played with?

Chris Dearden / David Schofield, if I had to put my mortgage on a player in a big game, The Nodster was the man.

Funniest teammate:

Mark Hermon ask Ezra

Your best performance for the club?

170 vs Royton and 6/49 vs Rochdale , but 83 n/o against Norden was special for me.

Favourite on the field memories?

Coming off last game of season against Hyde scoring 50/60 thinking we hadn’t won league and finding out we had and being met with a brandy. Also walking off with Dexter Fitton at Walsden in semi chasing loads.

Worst memory on the field?

Walking off at Milnrow after my last ever innings and not quite taking us over the line, cried and still get sad thinking about it

How about off the field?

Celebrating every trophy and there were a lot; 6 wood cup and 6 leagues I think plus inter league trophies. And we did celebrate lol!