Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

I Honestly don’t remember my ‘official debut’ but my unofficial debut came as I was watching the 2nd team at home. I used to stay every Sunday after I played under 13s and I would still have my whites on. I’m not sure if someone got hurt or had to leave but I remember Noddy asking me to sub for the remainder of the game. A young, cricket mad me loved every second of it.

Your favourite game and why?

I had so many enjoyable games/memories with Littleborough and it’s honestly hard to pick one. From winning the Burton Cup in 06′ to winning the under 18’s league and cup with a great group of lads to scoring my first 50 in the 1st team against a good Rochdale side at 15 years old or taking a double hattrick against Rochdale. There’s lots I’m proud and very fond of.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Even though it later became my home ground it would have to be Heywood. Always had a great deck and was a beautiful place to play on a summers day.

The best professional played against?

I’ve played against some good players in my short career. Wayne Madsen, Mick Lewis, Sherwin Campbell, Mohammed Mujtaba, Clinton Perren. Just to name a few. You could guarantee the above players would make a significant contribution to the game and were always a pleasure to watch. albeit frustrating if they’re 100* or have taken 5fer.

The best amateurs played against?

Again I’ve played against and with a lot of good amateurs. Players that could have or probably should have played higher but there’s always one that stands out and I’m sure a lot of other people would have the same answer… Bobby Cross. One of the most consistent and prolific run scorers at an ‘amateur’ level I’ve ever seen. Smashed records for fun and makes batting look so simple. I had the pleasure of batting with Crossy several times and he was always a pleasure to watch and to top it off he’s a great bloke as well.

Favourite on the field memories?

Again it’s hard to pick a singular memory. I really did enjoy my years in the 2nd team as a youngster. we had a really good side, rarely lost games and I had a great teacher in Noddy who helped me every week to improve. Taking my first 5 fer and making my first 50 which both happened in my first year of senior cricket in the 2s.

How about off the field?

I left Littleborough rather young so I didn’t have too many off field memories. Littleborough will always be a special place for me. I had a lot of good times with a great bunch of people from winning games, leagues and cups.