Very Important Message from the Chairman and Committee:

Please be aware that the centre of our cricket ground (known as the cricket square) is a very precious piece of land, which is currently being prepared for the next cricket season.

This is where all our competitive cricket is played from and cricket is the only thing that this area of the ground should be used for.

Could we therefore please ask that all members (especially those with children) respect that our cricket square (the area fenced off in the photographs) should not be played on at any time and that you do your best to supervise this request please. Our staff and members of the Committee will also be overseeing this request.

Unless there is other renovation works taking place, the rest of the outfield will be available to access, except of course if the weather conditions render it unsuitable or there is a cricket match in progress.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your co-operation with this polite request.

LC&SC Committee