Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

Walking into the dressing room Leeroy administrating cream to Gar’s boil in a sensitive area of the body! Then batting with Noddy who had to retire as his crohns popped! Then Ernie walks in to bat laughing and joking as he does, we take off for a quick single and he carries on running through to the sightscreen where he ends up being sick behind it because of too much alcohol from the previous night. A lot to take in at 16 but put me in good stead I think.

Your favourite game and why?

Scoring a 100 in Wood cup final, wood cup days were always special.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Middleton, the wicket and ground were always perfect to play good cricket on. The tea ladies (who are still there) do a fantastic job feeding us with great food.

The best professional played against?

Asif Mushtaba, Ryan Campbell, Gus Logie

The best amateurs played against?

Lee Wolsenholme and Bobby cross

Favourite on the field memories?

Winning the league and cup in 1998, and growing up playing with a great set of Littleborough lads.

How about off the field?

Making my test debut at Lords and inviting ten of Littleborough lads down. Unknowing to me the tickets were full hospitality for them and with a rain effected day the  lads made the most of the complimentary drinks throughout the day in the nursery end marquee. At the end of play, I head down to see them and there is a full rendition of “he wears a wig, he wears a wig. We all know Goochy wears a wig” coming from in side the marquee. I go over with Freddie Flintoff and I can see Goochy frowning at me not happy. He didn’t speak to me for the next four days.