Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

1975 at Rochdale packed house, Gary Sobers pro. Gary had £100 on Arthur Ashe to win Wimbledon and I kept him updated on the score.

Your favourite game and why?

Wood Cup semi and the final in 1994. Semi Final chased down 276 at Walsden who had Bickel and Hartley Alleyne in their attack – Dexter 120 , me and Gar 40 and won with overs to go ( Gar turned his bat round and shot his Walsden barrackers!). Chris Barker came to talk at tea full of confidence, and I said it’s all about partnerships – it was.
Wood Cup Final at Hare Hill we played the best Rochdale team I ever saw – 2 x England u19’s (Henderson & Wilcock), best all rounder in the world at time Neil Johnson (Zimbabwe), 2 players released by Leicester (Paul Gill) and Derby (Mark Wakefield) , Ex Aussie pro as opener ( Nigel Hunter) , 2 top amateurs at their best – Mo Bux and Neil Avery, they won League and Lancashire cup that year. Very warm day Dexter said stick em in – I said you’re having a laugh!!! We batted and got 280 – Dex 120, Whiteley 40 , me 60 and had bowlers who all bowled in right areas Molly, Bren, Gar and Dex. Fantastic couple of matches.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Heywood, batting at other end from Stu Law in the Wood Cup Final who got 150 out of 315, hitting sweeps out of ground on biggest ground in Lancs.

The best professional played against?

Bowling: Curtley ( genuinely worried) and batting: Hooper.

The best amateurs played against?

Roger Clarkson and Pickersgill bowlers, Punchy, Orrell batters.

Favourite on the field memories?

Winning league in 1983 in last game, winning 4 consecutive Wood cups with local lads, winning 5 consecutive Burton cups with young lads once I stepped down at 45 years. Personally – being the first amateur to score 1000 runs in a limited over season in 1982.

How about off the field?

Receiving many congratulations from former opposition players once I retired, which meant so much – Paul Rocca and Dexter Fitton particularly.