Agenda Item 1

Neil Barnes – Chairman’s Opening Remarks

 Hello all and welcome to this virtual Members’ General Meeting, which I can positively say is very likely to be a first for Littleborough Cricket and Sports Club (‘the Club’).

So, why are we holding this meeting? Our Club still needs to conduct its business and adhere to the requirements of its Constitution, even though we are currently closed.

To this end, there are some important issues, listed in the meeting’s business agenda below, that I would like members to either request or vote on please.

The Club’s Management Committee is required to make the Club’s annual accounts available to members and item 2 of this Agenda allows for members to request a copy of these, if they so require, using the electronic request form provided.

As you are all aware, under normal operating circumstances, the Club is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which would normally take place in January of each year. You will also be aware that the Management Committee made the decision, in conjunction with the Trustees, that our AGM this year would be deferred to a more suitable date, in the year. However, it is now felt that requesting members to vote on whether or not the AGM should now be deferred, until 2022, is a more appropriate course of action and can be voted on at Agenda item 3 please (voting has now closed).

There is a requirement, via the AGM, for members to approve any proposed re-election of Trustees and Committee Members, who have come to the end of their respective ‘term of office’. All 3 current Trustees of the Club have come to the end of their current ‘term of office’ and wish to stand for re-election, as well as 1 current member of the Committee. As we currently have been unable to hold an AGM, this year, please could you vote on the proposals to extend the existing terms of the relevant Trustees and Committee members, until such time that we can hold our next AGM, where our formal re-election process can take place. Agenda items 4 and 5 allows you to do this please (voting has now closed).

I will provide further details, in separate correspondence, of the details associated with Agenda item 6, but in the meantime, please feel free to address items 2 to 5.

Thank you for now and here’s looking forward to getting the Club back open soon.