Chairman’s Blog – 1 May 2022

We welcome Rishton CC as our latest visitors to Hare Hill and I hope you all have an enjoyable day and that the game ahead is both competitive and played in the ‘spirit of cricket’.

In this blog I want to focus on the governance arrangements we have here at Littleborough Cricket & Sports Club (LCC), which are essential to ensuring the Club continues to operate in a not-for-profit style environment. What this means is that any financial profits made by the Club are directly re-invested in the Club itself, for the benefit of sport and its membership.

In a nutshell, LCC has been left ‘in trust’ which means, it has to be used, whenever possible, for the provision of cricket (and other agreed sports). Therefore, LCC is overseen by formal Rules and a Constitution (i.e. a documented summary of the boundaries in which the Club should operate) and a number of selected volunteer Trustees (we currently have four) to ensure this happens. Trustees serve a 5-year tenure and are voted for by the membership, via the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Current Trustees:

  • William (Bill) Simpson
  • Allan Hetherington
  • Jonathan Smith-Butler (Jonty)
  • Christopher Dearden (Noddy)

LCC is managed by a further cadre of volunteers, known as the Management Committee. The Management Committee consists of a Chairman and Deputy who are voted into post, each year, by the members of the Committee, three ‘Honorary Officers’ (a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer), who are voted into post, by the membership, at each AGM and up to 12 Committee members who serve a 3-year tenure and again are voted in by the membership via the Club’s AGM.

Management Committee:

  • Jonathan Whitworth (Hon. President)
  • Neil Barnes (Chairman)
  • Mark Whitely (Hon. Secretary)
  • Deborah Hernon (Hon. Treasurer)
  • David Schofield (Deputy Chairman)
  • Ian Haworth
  • Pauline Clarke (Hon. Member)
  • Lee Kelly
  • Karen Kelly
  • Chris Taylor
  • Brendan Miskella
  • David O’Brien
  • John Barry
  • Phillip Sutcliffe

The Management Committee is also supported by:

  • Claire O’Brien
  • Steven Clegg

The Management Committee is responsible for adhering to the Club’s Rules and Constitution and for employing any staff required to assist in the running of the Club. We currently have in place a full-time Steward and a full time Groundsman, bar staff and a catering company for functions and the provision of Club food from Friday to Sunday.

The Management Committee is also responsible for establishing a number of Sub-Committees to ensure that the business requirements of the Club are carried out. Currently the Club has the following three functioning Sub-Committees; Cricket (Seniors & Juniors), Chaired by Mark Whitely; Commercial (Bar, Kitchen, Functions & Social Events), Chaired by David Schofield; and Infrastructure (Buildings & Grounds), Chaired by John Barry.