Sunday, 28th August 2022

We welcome Great Harwood CC as our latest visitors to Hare Hill. I hope you all have an enjoyable day and that the game ahead is both competitive and played within the ‘spirit of cricket’.

Today is a very special day, here at Hare Hill, for a number of reasons. Not only am I extremely pleased to pass on my personal, sincere appreciation to our long-standing President, Jonathan Whitworth, his company DEVELOP and one of his valued employees, our very own Glenn Kershaw, for the magnificent support that has been provided over many years and for the sponsorship of today’s game but also, I am delighted that, following the excellent suggestion from our very own statistician, Stuart (‘Statto’) Roberts and thanks to Jonny, we also welcome many of our past players, that are able to join us today. Thank you all for making the effort to join us, which is very much appreciated. I’m sure this could possibly turn into an annual event here at Hare Hill.

A special mention is required for all those involved in contacting as many of our past players as it has been practically possible to do so, to ensure that the day is filled with memories and tales from the archives of LCC history, so thank you all. I hope you all have a great day and that the cricket, renewed friendships and conversations are all of the highest quality. I will look forward to listening in on some of those tales from the past which are always good value as the beer flows and the day gets longer.

Players will always be the life blood of the Club as without them there wouldn’t, of course, be any cricket. Littleborough CC has a long and rich history of players from all around the world gracing the ground here at Hare Hill. You only have to look at our cricketing Professional’s board in the Club’s lounge to recognise that. We have also seen a number of senior players returning to Hare Hill this year, which is usually a sign that things are going in the right direction both on and off the field.

I’m not normally one for singling individuals out but on the players returning front, Matthew (all the gear, no idea, it’s not me singing it’s the radio) Fitton is a great example of what we look for, as his ever-sunny disposition creates a positive impact in most things he does.

There you go Matty, a mention in the programme that you requested when you saw the first production this year and every week since! For legal reasons, my brown envelope remains untouched, but thank you anyway!

However, LCC has also always had a passion for encouraging and developing home grown cricketers and has, over the years, been very successful in this area. It is with great pride and pleasure that I can watch juniors of all ages from 5 to 17 years either practice, develop or test out their respective skill levels, looking out for those that will, in the years to come, play in one of our senior teams. We have, once again this year, benefited greatly from the success junior development can bring, with a host of our junior cricketers scoring lots of runs, taking lots of wickets and putting in excellent fielding performances in senior games. What a sight Hare Hill is on a sunny Friday or Monday evening as our ground is filled with the enthusiasm of our young cricketers and the expertise of our dedicated coaching staff.

I am very pleased to announce that this training will not only take place during the summer months, as is tradition, but also, once again, we will be putting together a significant coaching and training programme, throughout the winter months of

2022/23, as we did last year. The feedback we received from our programme last year was overwhelmingly positive, so its only right that we take note of this, listen to what we are being told and continue to provide these opportunities for our players of all ages, when we can.

Our three senior and under 18s teams all continue to have a successful 2022 season, in their respective leagues. Not only with their current standings within the leagues that they play in, but also from a fair play and spirit of cricket point of view. It is very pleasing and rewarding to read the very positive comments we have received from visiting cricket clubs this year, praising our ground our facilities and the manner in which we play our cricket. Keep it up all, the season is not over yet and we need a final push and some real focus for the next 3 weeks, to get us all over the line and finish the season how we would all like.

Neil Barnes, LC&SC Chairman – 07595383375