Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

I can’t actually remember my first team debut for lboro as I had already played 1st team cricket before I joined, think it could be the 2004 season.

Your favourite game and why?

I could have chosen a few, playing in a Wood Cup final was amazing but my favourite game was the 2005 Burton Cup final where I scored 40 odd and took 5 wickets. I will always remember from that game walking to tea with Danny Thewlis and a supporter asking one of their guys if he thought they would get them, his reply “We will knock these off with a stick of rhubarb”. Also that was a great 2nd team we had that season.

Your favourite away ground and why?

It will have to be Walsden for large parts of my career it was my home ground. But the atmosphere was always great and the cricket was always played hard. And it was great to play against a lot of my mates.

The best professional played against?

Asif Mujtaba.

The best amateurs played against?

Best amateur batsmen – Bobby Cross. Bowler Steve Oddy.

Favourite on the field memories?

Taking my first five for.

How about off the field?

The laughs you have in the changing rooms and the stories that get told. What happens in the changing rooms stays in the changing rooms.