Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

I am a boro lad and started in the under 18s as wicket keeper and then the 2nds at 16 years old. Only played an odd game in the 3rds as Fred Hamer took a shine to me and Alan Whiteley and put us under the guidance of Capt Ronnie Barker in the 2nds ha ha.

Made 1st team debut at Royton in 1967 as 17 year old when Duncan was professional, he and Jimmy Halliday bowled a lot of overs and I had a couple of catches and very sore hands! Much quicker keeping to those than the bowling I was used to in the 2nds.

It was time cricket then and I remember batting when we lost our 8th wicket and they claimed the extra 5 overs and we survived for a draw.

Started to play for the 1st team regularly when 20, in 1970/71 seasons as wicket keeper, then asked to bowl as we were a bit short in that dept, so only kept wicket occasionally after that.

Yacoob Omar, Martin Van Wyke and Mike Bissex were the pros for next 3 seasons and we won the Wood Cup twice 1973 and 1974 after a 40 year wait.

Great times at the club, then of course in 1975 we had the great Sir Gary Sobers as pro, I was amazingly vice-captain with Jack Hunter as captain. The club was packed every night and match days with big crowds home and away, very exciting times. I opened the batting that season and bowled a bit. Wonderful to bat with Sobers. Unbelievable really, great bloke too, he was 40 and still a great player!! What a season to remember that was, only hiccup was we played Milnrow in the cup and bowled them out for 160 ish, me and Eric Brookes opened the batting and got to about 60 with Sobers to come at 3 and we lost!! Would have been a Wood cup hat trick.

Played with Bird (Joel Garner) for his first season in 1976, won the Wood cup again, then left to join the Police in Halifax. Unfortunately, could not play 77-81 and returned in Andy Roberts season 1982 and won the Wood cup again and really should have won the league. Played half a season with Whit in 83 but badly injured my knee and ankle and could not finish the season.

I played for 6 seasons and with the world’s best player, other great players and won 4 Wood cups and thought the Boro was the best club in the league. Marvellous club, and still is. Great times and mates there.

Your favourite game and why?

Too many to remember, playing with Gary Sobers, Bird and Andy Roberts all great!!

The best professional played against?

I played against some good uns Roy Gilchrist, Chester Watson, Cec Abrahams, Reg Scarlett, Ken Greaves etc but for a club pro thought Colin Lever was a top pro for Heywood, bowl medium /quick, nipping it about all day, then put his pads and cap on and bat all day too!

The best amateurs played against?

Dave Curly Schofield, we started around the same time when lads him at Cassie Moor and it was obvious that he was top drawer then and went on to become a great player in the league.

It’s sad he passed so young, used to love chatting and laughing about old times with him when I saw him at the Boro most home games.

Jack Hunter, Noddy and Deaks are top amateur players I played with as well. Jack coming to the back end of a fabulous career, what a top player and Nod and Deaks just starting great careers!!

Favourite on the field memories?

1975 season. With Gary Sobers every game was a brilliant experience and the feel and atmosphere at the club were fabulous too.

How about off the field?

Around that time great nights to Stan and Willies discos in the Willow Room!!