Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

Home against Milnrow which to be honest was a bit of a drab affair on a dismal day after playing ten games in the second team. We secured a losing draw, however there was a part of the game I remember, Milnrow were about 80-0 and Mick Farrar came on for his second spell, I stood up to him Stuart Wales turned to Jack Hunter fielding at first and said does this comedian think he is Alan Knott and started laughing. He wasn’t laughing an over later when I stumped him down the leg side, to give Mike his first ever stumping. Jack took the mickey out of Stuart all night, I struck up a good relationship with Stuart after our little exchange.

Your favourite game and why?

After careful consideration was at Rochdale, who along with Oldham were clear in the title race. Our professional was Mike Whitney the greatest motivator I have ever known and what a great lad we batted first in a rain affected game and scored about 170 which did not seem to be a great score with their batting line up, however once we got rid of Dexter and the pro they seemed to wilt after comfortably keeping in touch with the run rate, we knew if we could get five points we were back in the title race and we bowled them out on the penultimate ball, caught Taylor bowled Whitney.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Walsden was a fantastic ground and experience, local derby, vociferous crowd, great wicket and always a good game.

Once again in my first full year Andy Roberts bowled the last over at one of the Bailey brothers skying a top edge, I shouted my catch, the ball was in the air an eternity and the abuse I received was unbelievable, something I will never forget.

The best professional played against?

The question of best professional is incredibly difficult, best all rounder Steve Wundke, best bat Moshin Khan, best bowler how do you split Joel Garner from Curtly Ambrose. I remember in my last year Ezra bowling out Oldham away for 80 on a poor wicket, we felt quite comfortable at tea but not after Joel’s first over the score being 1-3 with David Schofield, Philip Deakin and I think yourself Chris all being yorked after six balls, so for that performance on its own I would just give it THE BIG BIRD

The best amateurs played against?

Bob Cooke is the best amateur I played against, he always took Ezra, I used to look where his feet were at the end of a game, he always played off the back foot, his footmarks were literally in the same position being about six inches from the wickets in a side on position which gave him a split second longer when playing Ezra. I also could not believe his judgement of line and length, he only played at balls he had to.

The best cricketer played with?

The best cricketer I played with was undoubtedly David Schofield, how he did not play County cricket is bemusing, great bat and if you did not watch his wrist position when bowling there would be plenty of extras.

Favourite on the field memories?

Too many favourite on field memories but celebrating after winning the Wood Cup with Andy Roberts and winning the league with Mike Whitney in my first two full years were very proud moments as well as winning the Wood Cup chasing down a record score with Ezra Moseley, I have mentioned the pros I would also like to congratulate a great bunch of lads who played hard but fair, too many to mention I know I will miss somebody out.

How about off the field?

Lastly off the field I used to stay over at Stephen Boods house I remember going to a party with him, what a great lad the only problem was I never used to keep wicket very well the next day, I wonder why? The end of season function, absolutely sensational.

I used to drive 15 to the boro to play cricket which is an experience I feel very honoured and hold great memories in my life.

Thank you.