Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

Might not have been my debut but I do remember playing Rochdale at home in a very close game at the start of my 1st team career. We needed around 20 to win when I came in with not many wickets left and I saw us home. The celebrations after we’re unbelievable.

Your favourite game and why?

Heywood in the Lancashire cup final in 2005. Losing the toss and being put into bat on a green seamer, the opposition and their supporters thought they had won the game. We batted unbelievably well, posting a big score and we won comfortably against a very good Heywood side.

Your favourite away ground and why?

It has to be Middleton as it was the best batting deck but I always liked playing at Walsden not because it was small but it was a great rivalry and I always seemed to get runs there. I remember some great games and wins at Walsden especially in front of their fans.

The best professional played against?

I played against some great professionals in my time but the ones that stick out are Asif Mujtaba as he always got runs and wickets against us.

Also Clinton Perren who I don’t need to mention how good a player he was for us but when he played against us we very rarely got him out. I remember the Lancashire cup final knock he played against us was quality.

Both players showed consistency over many years.

The best amateurs played against?

Again I played against a lot of top amateurs players but probably the best and consistent batsman was Bobby Cross. Good player to watch who had plenty of time and played a great knock against us in my last year when we lost in the Wood cup.

The best bowler was Steve Oddy as he always bowled well against us especially on Rochdale’s deck!

Favourite on the field memories?

Taking a one handed catch at backwood point to get my brother his first 1st team wicket.

Also my first hundred for Littleborough. We played Middleton at home and they set us around 260. We lost an early wicket but Clinton Perren (CP) and myself set about the run chase. We finished 1 down having both got hundreds.

How about off the field?

I had some great times off the field with some of my best memories celebrating Wood cup and Lancashire cup final wins, Leagues wins and the Whittaker cup final win. The off field memories I cherish the most are the chats with lots of great people but especially Schoey (Dave Schofield). We would spend hours chatting about the game, listening to his many stories but most importantly he was a great inspiration to me.