Your memories of your debut for Littleborough?

My senior debut was in 2003, aged 13, for the 3rd XI away at Tottington St Johns. At the time it was a very small, overgrown field with a shed for a changing room. I actually bowled a couple of overs leg spin that didn’t turn out too bad. After the game I remember Peter Shimwell being told the showers were in the next room…. without realising he strode confidently into the opposition changing rooms without a towel. Came back seconds later bone dry. There weren’t any showers in the shed.

Your favourite game and why?

The 2011 Burton Cup final victory against Walsden was particularly sweet. We were 69AO and Walsden thought they had it won. Their fans were taking pictures of the scoreboard and laughing at us at half time. I think that helped us in our determination to bowl them out for 67. A game that perfectly sums up Littleborough’s never say die attitude.

Your favourite away ground and why?

Crompton – one of the few grounds I could get it to turn (the slope probably helped) and always seemed to be a decent batting track. Scored my maiden and only ton there in Round 1 of the Burton Cup with 112*.

The best professional played against?

Most likely Asif Mujtaba. Played against him as a teenager in a dead rubber at the end of the season. Batted and bowled against him. Definitely felt like it was his game and he was just letting me play.

The best amateurs played against?

As a junior, playing against Steve Cheetham and Luke Proctor was always quite scary. But our team effort always beat an opposition that relied on one individual.

As a senior, he may not be the best amateur I played against but a player who could certainly destroy second teams with the bat, was Beamer from Unsworth and then Norden. Enjoyed seeing Noddy and him go at it on the pitch as well as being one of Tom Pye’s few victims.

Favourite on the field memories?

Boody and myself, captaining the under 18 double double wining team of 2006-07 was very special. No single person stood out above anyone else. If one person didn’t do the job, someone else did.

We had a really strong 2nd XI for most of the 2000’s and won the Burton Cup each year from 2002 to 2007 and I was lucky enough to be part of the team on five of the six consecutive Burton Cups we won. The whole day (or two days) was always fantastic.

Gar Hunter, captain of the 2nd XI in 2009,  running down the steps at Royton with arms flailing and nostrils flaring after Rob Whitemoss was given out bowled when the keeper had knocked the bail with his gloves after the ball had missed everything. Kristy his daughter also ran onto the pitch from the score box to give the umpire a piece of her mind. All ends well with us winning the game and scoring my maiden senior 50.

Sitting back and watching Wozza hit 201 out of 346 at home against Oldham for the 1st XI in 2011 was pretty special.

A 2nd XI game at Ashton, can’t remember the year. Captain Brendan Miskella has had to turn round half way through his run up twice in a row as the batter wasn’t set. Finally we hear the immortal words “batter, are you ready?”. Very next ball the mid-on has a long walk to find the ball that has been dispatched far over the boundary rope and onto the bowling green

How about off the field?

My fondest memories are as a teenager being made to feel part of the team. Included in the fines. Always having a drink after the game home or away, win or lose. End of season trips. Sun cream in the shampoo bottle. Banter was always funny and never nasty. It was certainly a valuable and cherished education.

Best Amateur you played with?

Adults; Noddy. I may not have been fortunate enough to watch him at his pomp with the bat in the first team. However I have spent days watching him bamboozle 2nd XIs with the ball.

Juniors; Curtis Maguire. A special talent with both the bat and the ball. At the age of 14 he batted in the top order and opened the bowling for a strong Under 18s side.

Best Professional you played with?

Daryn Smit was a really good player with the bat, ball and gloves. But for me it has to be CP. Not only his elegance with the bat, but his dedication to the club.